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What are Andrew Yang's 2020 plans for Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

"Andrew would implement a Universal Basic Income, 'the Freedom Dividend,' of $1,000/month, $12,000 a year for every American adult over the age of 18. This is independent of one's work status or any other factor. This would enable all Americans to pay their bills, educate themselves, start businesses, be more creative, stay healthy, relocate for work, spend time with their children, take care of loved ones, and have a real stake in the future.(1)"

How will the UBI affect the country?

"A Universal Basic Income at this level would permanently grow the economy by 12.56 to 13.10 percent -or about $2.5 trillion by 2025 -and it would increase the labor force by 4.5 to 4.7 million people. Putting money into people's hands and keeping it there would be a perpetual boost and support to job growth and the economy.(2)"

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I believe in UBI now and want to join Yang! Andrew Yang 2020 for the 2020 win!

Raw Data?

Here is all the data I created and used based on the 2010 census to calculate the impact of the Freedom Dividend for the trickle up economy... Use is as you like!

Where can I find the creator of these maps and data?

You should join the AndrewYang2020 Discord here and tag someone named "joezippy"... All suggestions and new ideas welcome! :)

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