Platform Summary

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The Big Goal…

We plan to move 7,200 people living in extreme poverty (< 38 usd / mo) over 3 years, to 60% of their countries median income (aka “the poverty-line”); while enhancing, supporting and deploying the best blockchain remittance solution that requires no literacy, passwords/pins, power or phone to exchange value securely and transparently.  This growth is 10 times higher than our 2018 pilot which was limited by multiple major platform enhancement iterations, lessons learned and monetary donations. (1)

The Need…

With 700 million people around the world live in extreme poverty the only things we need now to reach our goal are donations and Trusted Community Champions (TC-Champs).  Donation of approximately 694k – 1,024k usd for 325-480 households respectively per year; at the proven effective Northern Ghana rate of 160 usd / mo /  household are needed.  Donations can be collected from GiveDirect Platform as a Service usage fees at a targeted rate of 1.8% or flow through direct donations from NGOs, governments, businesses or individuals in the form of digital currency. (2

Key Learning…

  • Basic Income works because…
    • People know what they need most and giving resources during a non-disaster relief situation is to assume you know better.
  • After remitting basic income to 34 female head of households in villages around Tamale, Ghana over the last 12 months @ 160 usd / household / mo.; we have moved approximately 240 people previously living in extreme poverty (~8 usd/mo) to the current Ghana poverty-line (~38 usd/mo) in a sustainable way. (3)
    • If you are trying to end extreme poverty you should:
      • Count on NO literacy
      • Count on NO power
      • Count on NO phones
      • Count on NO passwords or PINs
      • Count on NO data service
      • Empower females and respect them like your mum
      • Hold meetings in villages
      • Plan for lost / stolen / damaged wallets
      • Allow for the creation of wallets in the field
      • Plan for thieves in your innermost circles
      • Audit funds on the blockchain
      • Hold funds waiting for distribution in a single multisig escrow account
      • Accept as many types of digital currency as needed to maximize donations
      • NOT lease a storefront to sell basic need items
      • NOT start more than 60 household per month
      • Distribute payments for 6-18 months
      • Cap TC-Champ support to fewer than 120 households (.41 FTE = 50 households)
      • Pay your TC-Champ one Basic Income share per 30 households
      • Expect bows from village elders when visiting
      • Expect social unrest and make transactions semi-privately without praise
      • Create good quality, 5 minute long, timely videos of operations on the ground
      • Encourage Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) to leverage donations for household business startup capital
      • Create a support network of dedicated like minded individuals with strong leadership
  • Ending global extreme poverty is possible with the GiveDirect platform and processes, given adequate resources

Read and digest our platform as a service details and contact us!