GiveDirect Platform as a Service

The Bottom-Line First…

The GiveDirect Project is selling their GiveDirect Platform as a Service to fulfill their mission of “ending global extreme poverty”.

Why you should care…

The proven hosted platform provides a direct, transparent way to remit funds, goods or services globally for fractions of a cent without user literacy, electricity or cell phones today.

What you need to know…

  • Read and digest our platform summary
  • 100% of the targeted price of 1.8% (all remitted tokens) will be donated directly, seamlessly and transparently to the GiveDirect Project to “end global extreme poverty”
  • The turn-key solution includes:
    • The creation, deployment and testing of a white-labeled app custom branded by you, in the Google PlayStore
    • Access to a highly skilled GiveDirect-Mentor for design, implementation and auditing of your solution (1)
    • Securely hosted high availability server with admins available 24/7/365
    • Access to highly skilled, competent token issuing 3rd party consultants for addressing liquidity concerns, anchors and stable tokens on the Stellar blockchain (1)
    • Unlimited GiveDirect Platform updates for both security and process enhancements
    • Whitelisted deposit addresses for added Point of Sales App security and auditing
    • Templates for GiveDirect Platform implementation including use cases, project roles, project responsibility and best practice design principles
    • The ability to market your product day one, as a charitable giving solution to “end global extreme poverty”
  • Watch an overview demo of the GiveDirect Platform in action
  • Take a minute to watch the impact the GiveDirect Project / Platform is having in villages around Tamale, Ghana
  • Read through our quick pitch document
  • Read through our White-Label Document Packet (WLDP) that will definitely peak your imagination
  • Watch our in depth, videos explaining the four main components of our platform
  • Polish your thoughts and ideas about how you might use this easy to use, effective and transparent system for-profit or non-profit motives.

(1) Work in these areas may have additional costs associated with them.

Getting Started…

If you’ve made it this far it’s probably time to reach out to as he is the acting CEO and can help begin the process of identifying a GiveDirect-Mentor for your project to get the ball rolling!  You can also chat with him in Discord for a quicker more interactive dialog Kevin’s handle in Discord is joezippy.  We look forward to you joining our GiveDirect Family. Cheers!