This page should answer some basic terminology and questions about our project. Should something not be answered here please reach out in our Discord community or email us!

Project Details...

What is the GiveDirect Project?

The GiveDirect Project owns the mission of “Building the best blockchain direct giving solution to end global extreme poverty”. We are currently made up of ~12 volunteers who are like minded and have a strong desire to help others who struggle to survive in extreme poverty.  #GiveDirect

In 2018, “extreme poverty” widely refers to earning below the international poverty line of $1.9/day (in 2011 prices), set by the World Bank. This measure is the equivalent to earning $1.00 a day in 1996 US prices, hence the widely used expression, living on “less than a dollar a day”. [3] The vast majority of those in extreme poverty – 96% – reside in South AsiaSub-Saharan AfricaThe West IndiesEast Asia and the Pacific; nearly half live in India and China alone.[4]

What is the GiveDirect Core Team?

This is a core group of 6 volunteers who make decisions about the future direction of the GiveDirect Project. These trusted individuals are globally dispersed to span cultures, regions and religions while offering timely product support. This diversity keeps personal agendas at bay, while allowing the project to focus on the common mission we all share.  Should you have questions about or for Core Team members please reach out to them in our Discord community.

What is Basic Income and why don’t you give these people in need food, shelter, etc?

GiveDirect firmly believes “those in need know what they need best”.  If you give food, it might not be needed, if you give clean water they might already have it.  When you give income they can use it for education, businesses, medicines and of course food and clean water.  GiveDirect also strongly believes that “if you want the most “bang” for your money, give it to someone who doesn’t have any…”  Study, after study has shown those without very much, don’t squander things… By definition Basic Income is:

“A basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.”

How much Basic Income do you commit to female head of households?

Our commitment is ~160 USD / month for 24 months.  This number was determined based on lengthy discussion with our TC-Champ on the ground who felt that supporting on average 7 people per household at this rate for this duration, there would be no reason they should be still living in extreme poverty.  We have our contracts scripted here and the output from these scripts is fed to the GiveDirect Multi tool for payments.

Where are you currently operating?

We currently provide Basic Income to villages within a 25 km radius of Tamale, Ghana.  We plan to reach other parts of the globe living in Extreme Poverty just as quick as we can with your donations.

Where does my donated digital currency go?

  1.  Your funds go directly from your personal digital currency wallet, to the GiveDirect Paywall address you choose based on the support you want to give (Basic Income, Communication, Condom, Data, Hardware) for your currency type (XLM, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc)
  2.  If the funds need to be “swapped” in to XLM, our GiveDirect “reserve currency”, they will only be swapped when 3 of 6 Core Team members approve
  3.  Then when expenses are incurred (condoms, data, communication, hardware) or basic income payments are due someone will create a transaction for the expense and submit it for approval
  4.   The Core Team will see the transaction request and after validating it will choose ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ for the pending transaction.
  5.   Once 3 of the 6 ‘approve’ the transaction it will be broadcast to the Stellar blockchain where it will be recorded for eternity.
  6.   Then if you want to see if the Core Team did the work properly, just use a Stellar blockchain explorer to see for yourself the transaction details.

How can I tell if the GiveDirect Paywall Stellar address is owned by GiveDirect?

  • When you use a blockchain explorer to look at the Stellar address
  • You’ll see the address “Home Domain” is set for the account.  This can only be changed in the account with 3 of 6 on the Core Team approving.  All the Stellar “Home Domain” have been configured in our DNS server as valid sub-domains making the trust loop complete.  Sub-domains are listed below:
  • Finally the static files that each GiveDirect Paywall DNS sub-domain points to is “html iframed” into the interface that resides at http://go.givedirect.io which is outside of our WordPress (WP) site.  This prevents any WP volunteer from changing addresses without our knowing, as only 3 on the Core Team have access to our hosted server via SSH or to change the sub-domains.

What overhead expense does your project have?

  • Everyone except the TC-Champ volunteers their time, talents and treasures to make this project a success.  The TC-Champ receives an “incentive” for running the project on the ground at a rate of one Basic Income “share” per 17 households he supports up to four times.
  • We have a hosted server that costs $10 USD / month + the domain name registration which is funded by the Communication Paywall
  • YouTube videos on the ground are paid for when then Communication Paywall donations allow
  • Transportation to and from the storefront meetings is paid for by the households

What is a Trusted Community Champion (TC-Champ)?

This is a very trustworthy individual on the ground who acts in our households best interest always, while remaining in constant communication with the TC-Admins at all times.

What is a Trusted Community Admin (TC-Admin)?

This is a person on the GiveDirect Core Team who authorizes, requests and rejects payments for project expenses with our households best interest in mind while supporting TC-Champs and the platform to the best of their ability.

Platform Details...

What is a GiveDirect Paywall?

A GiveDirect Paywall is an account on the Stellar Platform that holds donations until they can be properly distributed to those in need.  These  accounts use a Stellar Anchor to accept many digital currencies like (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc) before they are converted to the GiveDirect “reserve currency” of XLM which is the native currency of the Stellar Platform before being distributed.  All conversions take place on the native Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) when trusted by 3 of 6 digital signatures from the GiveDirect Core Team.  All GiveDirect Paywall Stellar account changes and payment distributions must be authorized by 3 of the 6 individuals on the Core Team, which increases security, survivability and the scalabilty of the entire GiveDirect Project#GiveDirectPlatform

Detailed descriptions of how and for what each paywall is used, can be found below:

What is the GiveDirect Multi?

This JavaScript tool runs locally and can send XLM to multiple recipients in a single transaction from an Interstellar Wallet multisig account.  Basically this tool is used for making payments to our GiveDirect Paywall recipients via the Stellar Multisig Coordinator where they wait for approval or rejection by our Core Team.  #GiveDirectPlatform

Why did you choose the Stellar blockchain platform?

  • 3-5 sec transaction times
  • Multisig wallet support (approval needed by more than one to perform actions with accounts)
  • Smart contract support
  • .001 cent USD transaction fees
  • Decentralized currency exchange (SDEX) baked into the platform
  • Great developer support community
  • Stellar Inflation payments so we earn rewards on our donation deposits