Data Paywall

How your payment to this paywall impacts the lives of those in need:

Donations to GiveDirect Paywalls land in a single secure escrow address held by the GiveDirect core team (found in our Discord group), whom then distributes the Basic Income funds monthly. Communications, Data, Hardware, and Condom paywall funding is dispersed, as needed when the 3 of 6 core team members agree. We are grateful to our volunteers, as they provide your funds the security they deserve, with Stellar multi-sig accounts at no cost making nearly 100% of your donations directly impact the elimination of extreme poverty globally. Basic Income escrow multi-sig account(s) also require 3 of 6 signatures from the core team before any of the funds can be distributed.

So, how is this secured?

  1. First, know security, privacy and transparency are rules we live and breath by.  They are woven into our team culture and are present in our every ounce of effort.  We take them very serious, as most digital currency enthusiasts do.
  2. The TC-Admin stages the escrow account that will hold the paywall funds, to be used to fund WiFi costs.
  3. The escrow wallet address are made public on the site for donors by the TC-Admin, outside the reach of normal GiveDirect site editors and bloggers.
  4. Each escrow account can accept several different digital currencies.
  5. All currencies are swapped into the GiveDirect reserve currency XLM, before they are distributed to those in need.
  6. Currently 3 of 6 core team member must sign the public transaction approving of the value transfer, before any funds are sent; all transactions are made public on the Stellar Blockchain for anyone and everyone to help us audit.  Should you have question please contact us a

Who can sign on this account to release funds?

  • joezippy#2881
  • Daddy’s Home#4877
  • agnewpickens#7393
  • GodHandBlitz#2539
  • dael4#1861
  • Cryptolib#6335