Our Leadership

We have at least 3 deep leadership in all areas of the project… Let me explain, you see this project is not one person who is passionate… This is a team of passionate individuals who’s goal is to change the charitable giving world through blockchain technology… So you can see technology is not all this project is about… Let me explain below and you’ll see more where we have our 3 deep leadership and where you can join us on Discord!  I’m going to use user handles (nicknames) below, so you will know our roles when you see us in the Discord channels.  Not to worry, you won’t be the only ones in the channels… The GiveDirect Discord family is very active!

Leading our Ghana outreach to those in need: 
  • @cryptolib  — TC-Champ, Trusted, Passionate and Caring
  • @joezippy  — TC-Admin, Multipotentialite, Visionary
  • @mutala –Backup TC-Champ, cryptolib’s store partner and caring friend
Leading our front-end content creation and web presence:
  • @Daddy’s home  — Blogger, Social Media Guy, Inquisitive Caring Dad
  • @joezippy — WordPress noob, Multipotentialite, Visionary
  • @dael4 — WordPress Wiz / Social Media Guru, Caring and Generous
Leading our back-end systems development and tech support:
  • @agnewpickens– Old school hard core blockchain lover, Crypto and Security Wiz
  • @GodHandBlitz — App Slayer, Stellar Junky, UI/UX dream maker
  • @joezippy — General Hack, Systems achitect, Multipotentialite, Visionary
Why 3 deep you ask?

It’s simple… Life happens.  All these people are required to share (securely) all critical knowledge about the project, so no one person holds the keys to the kingdom, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Why sustainable?    

Because this is a movement, not just a project.

See you in the Discord channel #general… Stop by, you’ll be welcomed and even if it’s to spread the  or the !  Those things keep the team going!