Medications and Office

We are grateful for all the hard work the ground team has put into establishing the official GiveDirect office! This office was a requirement by the Ministry of Health in Ghana so proper audits of medications and procedures can take place professionally outside the clinic, as it will be traveling to remote villages for months at time. Have a look at these pictures. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and ask us some questions about the project or make a donation.

While the Ghana team was working hard on logistics, the global medical professionals were working hard to make sure we had the most effective and cost-efficient medications in the clinic for our patients. The final result was a reduction in inventory by 11% of the items originally requested and many cedi saved. Less inventory means bigger discounts on products we purchase and that means we can treat more for less in the field. In the name of transparency, you can always find our complete medications guide here. Keep in mind this isn’t a static document and we will be constantly evaluating the availability of new medications over time making sure we provide the best care possible. Stay tuned, as more posts are coming!

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