Focus and Services

Just wanted to give a quick update on the project, the team has been working very hard to make the GiveDirect Clinic a huge success. We have a targeted focus with defined services offered and a clear budget for where your hard earned donations go with 100% transparency on the blockchain! Details follow, enjoy and share…. We’ll be on the road with videos soon.

Medical Services Offered

Preventive care:
  • Immunizations
  • Disease screening: diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV testing, malaria testing, STD testing
  • Wellness Education: hygiene, reproductive health (prevention of STDs and pregnancy)
Routine care:
  • Chronic disease follow-up (existing condition-ex: high blood pressure)
  • Reproductive health (contraception, pregnancy testing)
  • Referrals for eye exams, hearing exams
Urgent care: 
  • Minor injuries
  • Wounds, burns, or skin infections
  • Minor orthopedic injuries (major requires referral)
  • Non-life threatening concerns (cough, wheezing/shortness of breath, sore throat, ear pain, abdominal pain, urinary symptoms, eye symptoms,gastrointestinal illness)
  • General first aid
  • Referral to advanced medical center

Funding Focused Areas Meant to Save Lives

Clinic Startup Expense Allocations

Key Medication Funding Areas:
Vaccinations / Immunizations26.51%
Targeted Focus for Medication Expenses77.61%
Non-Targeted Focus Area Medication Expenses22.39%

Sustainable Patient Donation Service Model:
Clinic Treatment TypeUSD Cost
Immunizations (based on 500 / month)$0.4
Complete Multi-Vitamins (20 tabs)$3.6
Malaria Treatment$2.5
Anti-infectives Treatment$2.3
Hypertensives Treatment$3.4
Folic Acid (20 tabs)$3.6
Condoms (3 pack)$3.6
Emergency contraception$1.8
Hep B Test$10.0
Hep C Test$12.0
Other Treatments (Avg. all medications outside categories above)$2.3
All The Details:

Here is the FUNDED Final Monthly Budget Details and Medication Price List by Therapeutic Category. All numbers based on actual supplier costs in Ghana, approved by the GiveDirect team as of 25-Oct-2020

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