Coming together…

The GiveDirect family is working hard to get the Mobile Medical Clinic up and rollin’ by the end of Oct. 2020. I want to take a minute to give you an update on our progress, as we are making great strides to move forward!

First off, the Northern Ghana Regional Health Service Director we are working with, in the Gushegu municipality, has agreed to grant GiveDirect the medical license needed to operate in the region. The director also agreed to provide the following to GiveDirect for the clinic: one nurse, one assistant nurse and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the ground team.

GiveDirect Mobile Medical Bus (pre-conversion)
Bus conversion inside, making room for medical supplies and beds
New cabinets for medical supply storage in the bus

Next up, the conversion of the bus is progressing nicely, as the transition from commercial passenger transport to a mobile medical clinic continues. The vehicle has been re-registered and re-insured as a private vehicle from its previous commercial status. Fresh paint for the bus in the coming weeks will make the GiveDirect Mobile Medical Clinic easy to identify when it rolls up! All budget and timelines for the bus conversion are currently on target thanks to Salam’s countless hours of hard work!

On another front, we just finished requirements with our technology partners for the facial recognition software app that LNG Technologies will be building, on top of a FaceSDK donated license from Luxand INC, USA. The Luxand FaceSDK uses advanced artificial intelligence and biometric identification technologies that will provide our app with a complete set of tools and libraries to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. The donated app and licenses are the only way the GiveDirect Mobile Medical Clinic can provide long term medical care to those living in our regional remote villages where identification as you know it is non-existent. These technology partners have donated in excess of 20,000 USD to our project and we couldn’t be more thankful. If you have the opportunity, please patronize these companies, as their products and skills are amazing. They exhibit a real compassion for humanity by partnering with our project. #ForeverGrateful

Finally, we have a new Angel donor that has stepped forward to stuff the bus with medical supplies that villagers desperately need. The funds will be used for immunizations, bandages, early disease treatments for HIV and malaria and preventive disease screenings. This donation will make a real difference to humanity. We are grateful for their generosity and compassion. So with a warm welcome and great humility, I say welcome to the GiveDirect family.

If you or others would like to join the giving family here at GiveDirect, please donate here or email Kevin and we’ll welcome you with open arms. This quote from Salam says it best.

“Even just 50 USD can save a life from Malaria or a snake bite”. – Salam Mahamadu, GiveDirect CEO

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