How Monty Inspired…

Let’s start with a little back story… While traveling to Ghana with my son in Oct. 2019 to meet the GiveDirect team for the first time, we took 2 weeks out of our trip to do childcare volunteer work in a village. The work was setup by a company called IVHQ which organizes volunteer opportunities around the globe, and I highly recommend them. As my son and I volunteered we became good friends with a kind, hardworking women named Rebecca who had a child named Monty.

Kevin and Rebecca

Monty was adorable and well cared for, but rarely smiled when she was alone. It was clear she had some medical problems, but it wasn’t clear what they were or how Rebecca would be able to afford a doctor’s visit. Make no mistake, Rebecca was doing all she could to take care of Monty, but as we all know life can be very hard at times.

Fast forward to July 2020… I learned Monty had become very ill and wasn’t eating or drinking much of anything, as she suffered great abdominal pain and couldn’t sleep. We had to act quickly; Monty was clearly dying. I messaged Salam, our GiveDirect CEO, and asked if he could send some mobile money to Rebecca on my behalf and he agreed. Monty was transported to the hospital and treated for 75 USD. Monty was lucky and now doing great. She had malaria, which is a common disease that kills hundreds of thousands each year in Ghana.

Monty after recovery <3

As many of you know, GiveDirect has been focused on providing Basic Income to those living in extreme poverty since 2017, lifting 480 individuals to the poverty line in a sustainable way. Some of you have contributed your hard-earned income or volunteered endless hours to help make that possible. The GiveDirect family is most grateful for your generosity. We have concluded after two years of hard work, that providing Basic Income without government support through taxation, that our efforts were not sustainable. Effective, but not sustainable. We tried funding though angel donors, web donations, government officials and market store sales. Our last effort was running buses in a transportation business to fund the project. Then COVID-19 hit and the world changed.

As Salam and I pondered our next move for GiveDirect, the idea arose to convert a parked bus into a Mobile Medical Clinic to serve those same villages in Northern Ghana. We would convert the bus and collect donations for services provided, as well as from donors like yourself. We could remain relevant post-COVID-19 and save lives, just like we did with Monty.

Work has already started and we have much exciting news coming in future blog posts. We hope you’ll take time to get on the bus with us and make a $75 donation today on our website. The GiveDirect family appreciates each of you here today. Honk, honk here we go! Change is comin’

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