Next Steps – Future of the Movement

JoeZippy: Hello… Hope you are doing well… Just wanted to take a min to check in on the GiveDirect meeting you were going to have with the district leaders around the 17th… Regarding the truck use and all… Did that happen?

Salam: The District Director told me the Assembly have a vehicle for us, it will be fuel by the assembly and we will have unimpeded access to it. And that when we are leaving the district, we will handover the vehicle back to them. They will be giving us a letter to that effect which will contain the vehicle details. They will provide us a driver as well.

Salam: The Assembly was so excited about our activities and the vehicle was just one but great commitment they have made to us. The Director wished us so well and encouraged us saying there are several other NGOs in the district whom they haven’t given so much support but we have won their heart with what we do. The durbar was a great one from which they saw the happiness on the faces of those households.

Salam: The District director said he will be introducing me to the Member of parliament very soon and that they hope to support us the best they can giving that this year is an election year. He believed government will listen to us and possibly if not at the national level but at the district level, the legislative aspirants belonging to various political parties will likely include us in their manifestos starting with the current member of parliament for the district

JoeZippy: Wow… That is amazing!!!! Great work… We should stay in this district if we are making political traction…. I’m currently building out the OpenUBI Action Framework… This “could be” used in the election to high-light the candidates that support UBI or Basic Income… Please have a look at the current US “Reference Implementation” of the OpenUBI Action Framework… This is all live, working and trying to get candidates elected in our country… Do you think this would be desirable for your elections?

Salam: Wow this is beautiful. Even though this might not work for the candidates down here because many people don’t do any checks on candidates to find information about them, our campaign is still moved by radio and television stations and physical rallies however, it will be great for candidates to see themselves added as candidates who support open UBI, and the few people from the general public who will see this as well. They will love it and trust me, a single vote is more important. Fortunately I am likely going to have discussions with all the candidates from the district soon and those who will support GD activities and really include us in their manifesto, I will get you their information. It is so refreshing that we will be getting political support soon and the fact that the Assembly think this way about us is a great step. They have control over all candidates. That district is likely becoming our starting point for national support.

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