Nachem Payment 12 – Durbar and Final Payment of the 2019 Giving Season!

Salam (TC-Champ) – “The event was really amazing. I was surprised to see the people come together in such unity to display their culture just to honor the good works of GiveDirect. That really touched me and and I believed they appreciate everything GiveDirect is doing. Opinion leaders, all the chiefs gathering and reps from the district assembly. I thought it was just going to be a small gathering of the women and their household but it turned out to be a something big and I felt our work is not in vain. Now I know the whole community and the neighboring villages has heard of what GiveDirect does.”

Kevin (Project Mentor) – Thanks Salam for bringing such joy to these people. I love that you are putting big smiles on all their faces.

Ben (Media Coordinator) – “I’m really honored to be part of this movement. And the culture is amazing just that I didn’t see you (Salam) dance like they were doing. I was amazed at how the whole community and other neighboring communities turned out for the event.”

Kevin (Project Mentor) – Ben and Salam this video works is beautiful… I can’t wait to share it with the world! The culture, dancing, narration and speaking will allow the world to evaluate the good works we are doing… I can’t tell you all how much this will mean to our donors, it will surely make them sing and dance as well. It’s our best video yet…. I’m grateful and appreciate what all of you here have done to make GiveDirect a success. We are an unstoppable family of love and compassion for others… A truly magical moment when the universe showed us the power of love and kindness…. And Ben you captured that moment.

Salam (TC-Champ) – A couple days after the event… “Hi good morning sir. A great Monday morning from my end with beautiful info. I had a call from the District Assembly this morning inviting GiveDirect into their quarterly council meeting at Gushegu. The director says the assembly after participating in our durbar is planning of supporting us with a toyota hilux pickup vehicle. This is so amazing I think you should know though we are not sure of our continuity in the district, but this is great news”

Kevin (Project Mentor) – Amazing news, I can’t wait to hear more in the coming weeks… We are doing amazing things for humanity, and we are unstoppable.

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