Nachem Payment 9 – Basic Income March in Kumbungu!

#GhanaRising for Basic Income, join us!

Be a part of this worldwide movement demanding basic income be included in our future economy. Our economy is leaving millions behind. Join the people powered movement to send the message that our society and economy needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Get involved. Get inspired. Together, we can make historic change.

What: Basic Income Festival and March
Where: Kumbungu Senior High School (Start and Finish)
When: Oct 26th @ 3:pm

Tentative Detailed Schedule:
3:00 Music starts as people gather
3:30 Motivational speakers, “Why we march with the world on this day, for Basic Income?”
4:00 March in the streets to:

  • Kumbungu chief palace
  • Kumbungu Market
  • Tamale Polytechnic
  • Tamale Teacher Training Center

5:00 Return to the Bimbiem Football Field for a great Women’s match up!

  • Kumbungu City ladies club
  • KYA ladies club

x:xx Close the match awarding prizes with a reminder about, “Why Basic Income matters to everyone!”

Register for the event on this Facebook event site and to show your international support for Basic Income! GiveDirect and Liberty Markets are proud to sponsor this global event locally. Watch the GiveDirect Basic Income impact here and visit our site to donate today!

Payment Video:

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