Nachem Payment 8 – Forward and Doing Our Job

This Payment Video:

You can see that our team on the ground acts professional, transparently and humbly in this latest video.  Often in today’s world the focus is on self.  Look what I did, or look where I am traveling / eating.  Our team isn’t on the ground snapping selfies with our households touting our donors generosity as there own. Our GiveDirect family on the ground knows just how hard it is to pick yourself up out a hole you might find yourself in. The word for this is humility and the world would be a better place if we all practiced it just a little more.  Next time you think of showing your prosperity, take off your shoes and try someone else on.  It’s how we roll around here, and what you can expect when you make a donation. Plain and simply, it’s not about us.

This motto of “it’s not about us…” is the reason I (Kevin Colussi) have chosen to step down as the Acting CEO of GiveDirect.  I have taken this project just as far as I possible can, for those suffering from extreme poverty.  Now I will pass that torch to Salam Mahamadu who is not only our Trusted Community Champion, but the most capable person I know to keep the torch burning bright, shining on the GiveDirect mission.  I’ll still be around as a volunteer and mentor, but the time to move on is now.  Please help me welcome him into this new role by making a donation to GiveDirect today.

Official NGO Status:

When GiveDirect was founded we didn’t want to get bogged down by official documents, formal meetings and lots of paperwork.  Let it be known to the world here and now that I (Kevin) despise formal paperwork.  So as the founder to avoid all that, I choose to form GiveDirect as an open source project (think Android OS) meaning we could run fast and loose with how we planned to solve the problem of ending global extreme poverty while remaining 100% transparent with our donors to achieve this mission.

Now that we are well into year two of our efforts we have decided to make things a bit more formal.  Our Trusted Community Champion and now GiveDirect CEO (Salam) has done a great service to the project by filing the official paperwork in Ghana to establish GiveDirect as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).  A NGO is defined by Google as: “a nonprofit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.”  Sounds like us, as we own the mission of: “Building the best blockchain direct giving solution to end global extreme poverty.”

Actual GiveDirect NGO regulations filed can be found here.

Official Bank Account in Ghana:

One of the reasons we have chosen to formalize a bit more, is so that we can obtain an official bank account for GiveDirect in Ghana.  More paperwork, I know.  Thanks again to Salam for taking the lead and setting this up because the GiveDirect NGO in Ghana now has an official bank account at OmniBSIC Bank Ghana.

Why is this important?  Primarily because we are now “banked”, we will have access to donation options that come in the form of  fiat (federally issued currency),  money wires local and international,  PayPal and possibly Facebook donations.  We are doing everything we can to reduce the friction for our donors to give to us and make this project as sustainable as we can.  Donors can see in all our videos the good we are doing and we need to make it easy for them, so we can do more. 

Bank: BSIC Ghana LTD (aka OmniBSIC Bank Ghana) 
Account Name: GiveDirect 
Account Number: 0010002814271 
Swift Code: BSAHGHAC

Finally, if you have question about these changes or the possibility of new donation options… Please reach out in the GiveDirect  Discord and tag me (@joezippy) or Salam (@cryptolib)… I’ll be happy to chat about our recent moves toward friction-less donations and sustainability.  Official docs follow… Cheers!

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