Nachem Payment 5 – Video Stolen

Ben Writes:

I am in charge of video coverage for the GiveDirect basic income project in Ghana. I met Mr. Salam on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, in Tamale where we traveled together to the Nachem for the distribution of funds to the women for the month. When we got there, they were already cheerfully waiting for us. Mr. Salam greeted and interacted with them and went forward to distribute the funds to them. Each of the women received an amount of 700 Ghana cedis and after which gave out 100 cedis each for the susu contribution which was distributed to three women each receiving 1000 cedis.

Most of them shared their testimonies with joy. Among them was a woman who said the rains has just started and it’s time for farming, she has acquired a land to plant maize this year with the help of the money she has been receiving from GiveDirect. She believes this is a very good investment for her.

Mr. Salam also encouraged them on how to live healthy, weed around their houses and clear all stagnant water since we just entered the rainy season and mosquitoes will be breeding around our houses.

We went back to Tamale where I proceeded to Walewale, a community I am currently having my teaching practice. I was still working on the video when I was met with a misfortune, I left for school and when I came back, I noticed my door was opened and most of my items missing, A thief had broken in and stolen my items including my Camera and PC. We reported the case to the landlord since I am living in a rented apartment and he informed the police. I pleaded with them to do all they can to help me recover my PC since I had important files on it. A week past but they could not find any way to get my items back to me. I am deeply sorry to everyone at GiveDirect I couldn’t deliver the video this month.

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