Nachem Payment 4 – Impact and Transparency

This new video format shows all the details and complexities our Trusted Community Champ must go through each month to distribute your donations to our 34 household ladies. It also, explains how the funds are being used to truly change lives while providing basic need items like shelter and food with a strong emphasis on household education. I couldn’t be more proud of the work our donors are helping us do in the village of Nachem. We are all grateful.

In doing an internal audit and process optimization exercise, the GiveDirect Core Team has found a way to save about 3% in transaction fees when remitting funds to our households.  Which is significant, as those saved funds can be used to help more households in the future.  We are keeping the same great way to donate, just distributing directly to the Trusted Community Champ Salam, so that we can save those fees, then he will distribute the native currency (Cedi) as he does today, to the households for use on whatever they need to better themselves.  We’ll talk about the minor changes in the coming posts.  Stay tuned! 

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