Nachem Payment 3 – Dedication and Impact

TC-Admin : Tirelessly the GiveDirect Ghana Team distributes basic income payments to the 34 households that support approximately 280 people living in extreme poverty in the village of Nachem. This work is not easy and the journey each month is often difficult. With great dignity and respect the April payment was made without judgment or comment on how the households should spend the funds.

TC-Admin : The knowledge given on healthy eating as well as the participation in a rotational savings plan called a Susu are simple suggestions for betterment. If the household chooses to participate in the Susu, it provides the family with an influx of funds once and only once, as they are chosen randomly for the reward.

TC-Admin : These funds enable larger capital investments for things they need most for personal betterment. This is just one of the many critical objectives the GiveDirect Ghana Team helps to facilitate as our households gain stability on the road to economic freedom. Please consider making a donation today regardless of the amount, as a token of gratitude for all the GiveDirect Family does to help end extreme poverty.

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