Nachem – Meet With Regional Officials

Meet With Regional Officials:

TC-Champ (Salam) – We proceeded back the District assembly of Gushegu where I made a presentation of our project to the District assembly members as our major stakeholders. There was the presence of Municipal Director, Director of Social welfare, Planning and Budget officer, UNICEF District coordinator/rep. They were so touched with our project ideals and mode of operation.

The UNICEF rep, Madam Ayisha expressed interest in joining us on field but as a pregnant woman she may not be in a good condition for that however she encouraged that we educate of beneficiaries about the negative effect of open defecation so that they won’t end up using the support we give them in treating illness they contract from preventable sources.

She emphasized that we GiveDirect and UNICEF are all into the same business of ending global extreme poverty but in different approaches and that she is so happy to have our presence, hopefully we will end extreme poverty in the district together.

The Municipal Director and few others however had different opinions about our mode of operations, they suggested we guide how our beneficiaries spend their money to make sure they do not use it on unbeneficial stuffs such as alcohol etc.

We however emphasize that the poor knows what he or she need most and since money can buy or acquire their most needs, we will stick to our mode of operations (basic income) we however made them know that we were giving our beneficiaries financial education alongside but not dictating to them how to spend their money like buying animals for them, fertilizer etc as they suggested.

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