Bill Gates Explains Extreme Poverty

What we can learn from Bill:

  1. The problem of extreme poverty is not inevitable, but solvable
  2. 137,000 leave extreme poverty daily
  3.  Sub-Saharan Africa should be our focus
  4.  By 2050 the areas of the Democratic Republican of the Congo and Northern Nigeria will have the most people living in extreme poverty, because of the population explosion, political unrest  and lack of investment in human capital
  5. Governments aren’t providing the health care and education needed at the most basic level
  6. The world’s children will be born into the toughest areas of extreme poverty
  7. Nutrition is key in childhood physical and mental development
  8. We need to increase our investment in human capital to end extreme poverty in the hardest hit areas
  9. Great innovation is needed in the areas of soil studies, digital technology, health and education
  10. By increasing curiosity, innovation and human capital in Sub-Saharan Africa, we can create very positive outcomes

What we do at GiveDirect:

  1. Our team works hard everyday, because we know ending extreme poverty is possible
  2. We moved 240 people with your donations out of extreme poverty last year and will do the same or more in 2019
  3. We started our work and will expand future work in the Sub-Saharan Africa region
  4. Ghana in 2019 has it’s share of extreme poverty, we see it in our survey data,  people living on about .40 USD / day
  5. We are working closely with the Ghanaian Government demonstrating the power of Basic Income and the GiveDirect Platform
  6. We provide free condoms throughout the year to our households to slow birth rates and prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  7. We see the caloric intake increase in children who live in our households which helps with physical and mental development
  8. We see the children we support in households attend more school and invest in there own human capital
  9. We use digital technology like the GiveDirect Platform and Stellar blockchain to promote the transparency of direct giving while decreasing corruption
  10. We are seeing very positive outcomes, just watch our videos and you too will see for yourself 


Be assured, we are directly aligned with what the latest data says is needed to fulfill our mission of “Building the best blockchain direct giving solution to end global extreme poverty.”  Won’t you help us do more by donating today?

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