Population Demographics – Nachem in the Gushegu District of Ghana

The Nachem community comes together to learn of GiveDirect…

You might be asking yourself…

What do the conditions look like on the ground before we start Basic Income payments?

  • 83% of the households live on less than .40 USD / day
  • On average no one lives on more than .82 USD / day
  • 100% live in extreme poverty; below 2.12 USD / day as defined by the World Bank
  • 66% care for a child under the age of 2 in their household
  • More than 71% would like access to free condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases
  • 69% of the households say “Self Farming / Agriculture” is their best source of income
  • Their diet consists of corn and grain with very little rice and beans; beans are the only protein they consume and only 6% have this privilege
  • 66% of the households live together with 7 people or more
  • Roughly 240 people will be impacted by our program over the next 12 months
  • Only with your donations can we do more
  • 83% eat just two meals a day
  • Other than food, the only 4 things they spend money on are Shelter, Medical / Healthcare,  Clothing and Education
  • 51% have no phone of any kind and the remaining only have access to “non-smart phones”
  • 69% walk, 17% use free ride shares and 14% have access to a bike
  • 74% are eligible for government assistance via the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) program
  • Only 3 households receive LEAP benefits because the government lacks funding to bring any aid to the others. The need is so great, and the situation so sad.
  • 94% of the households consider their households average or above average on a happiness scale 

You can find the actual results from our survey in this slideshow, however should you use the results in future posts, documents or research we ask that you site them properly with GiveDirect references.  We also ask that you request donations for our project as we strive to reach our goal of ending global extreme poverty.

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