Status: 2019 Basic Income Transparency and Audits

Ok sir, Let’s get it done.

After some good work from the team this week we have the following to report:

  • All GiveDirect NFC wristband wallets are staged and tested on the ground in Nachem, Ghana
  • All critical ground team member and members of the GiveDirect Core Team are connected and responsive in a WhatsApp Group
  • All household surveys have been collected and group demographics are actively being analyzed
  • The payment contract from which the next 12 payments will be made has been validated by all key members of the team
  • Our accounting spreadsheet with the  tab “Pmt Details 2019” contains all the wristband wallet addresses, PRA-ID (internal ids) and live links to show all on-chain transactions for each address are in place here enabling 100% direct giving transparency

First 2019 payment target date is still looking like Feb 2, 2019… Stay tuned!

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