Welcome: Iddrisu Ibrahim our newest team member!

[1:32 PM, 1/12/2019] Abdul Salam Mahamadu:  Hi Mr. Kevin Colussi, meet Mr. Iddrisu Ibrahim Director of Social Welfare – Gushegu district. Mr. Iddrisu will be working with us as a representative or staff of Government Department of Social Welfare. He has assured us of his support and that of his staff support, he will work on producing quarterly reports of our activities for Unicef, government and for any other nonprofit interested in our activity as the report will be available for all. Mr. Iddrisu added that the Social Welfare department writes general reports on all nonprofit organizations in the district and their respective activities, these reports are presented to government through the various ministries under which social welfare operates however they write an independent report for World-Vision as they requested for independent reporting of their activities and he shall ensure that same is done for us at GiveDirect too.

Mr. Iddrisu, Kevin known as Joezippy is the CEO of GiveDirect, he resides in the USA as a citizen of the USA, his passion to end global extreme poverty got us working together since last year till now and I am glad to introduce him to you as my mentor who believed in me and we share a common goal of ending extreme poverty like I told you. We are glad to be in your district and Nachem in particular where I come from  

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