Simplifying for 2019…

Merged Paywall Escrow Accounts

As we continue to work hard preparing for the 2019 direct giving season and wrap up the 2018 season, we look toward sustainability and the best solutions moving forward.  Because of this the GiveDirect Core Team has decided to merge all paywall escrow funds into a single account.  We are able to do this because the Stellar blockchain has a text memo field which we will use to record details about the funds that get distributed. This also means we can more easily as a team, approve transactions as everything will be coming from, what was previously called the Basic Income (BI) Escrow Paywall. This Stellar account can always be seen on chain here.  You’ll notice the merged account work has been complete and 100% of the funds are still controlled by the Core Team.  Not to worry your donations are safe and bound for Ghana when the time is right, you have our promise,  the chain to audit our every move and videos to show your meaningful impact.  

More Donor Friendly Giving Page

Because we have moved to a single escrow paywall for Ghana donations we were able to create a more user friendly “tabbed” experience for providing donation addresses for the 5 coins we accept.  The interface for each coin now displays the minimum deposit amount (controlled by the anchor, not us) and an easy way to either scan the QR code or securely copy the deposit information into your wallet for direct giving.  Unfortunately, because of credit card restrictions  we are unable to accept this type of US Dollar donations at this time.  Know that we are monitoring the situation, so we can accept donations from those who don’t have coins already, in the future.  Stay tuned, the world is changing! 

How to Give

If you want to go directly to our donation address page, just type “” into any browser and we’ll do the rest.  Once you get there it’s a good idea to bookmark it for future use, put this link on your desktop or however you go to your favorite sites.  Of course you can always type in “” to see our latest videos posts, blog posts like this and then click the “Give” menu item and you’ll have quick easy access to the donation addresses for each coin type.  No matter how you do it, know that we appreciate your donations and you truly are making a difference in ending global extreme poverty.  Thank you. 

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