Winning Essay 3 – Why fUnd Basic Income

As you may remember GiveDirect sponsored a nation wide essay competition in Ghana. Here are the details.  The essays have been scored, awards presented and now it’s time to ‘share’ what some people in Ghana think about Basic Income.  Please have a read and ‘share’ this post as well.

About the Author:
  • Name: Issahaku Ummul Kusum
Essay Topic:
  • Why the Government of Ghana should fund Universal Basic income (UBI).
  • Universal Basic Income is defined simply by Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) as “basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.”
Quotes / Comments from the author on this winning essay:
  • “…it appears that the poor gets more children and the rich get richer, thus compounding the plight of the poor and the vicious cycle of poverty leads to extreme poverty … sometimes what we earn cannot reduce our poverty level.”
  • “The dichotomized relationship between public employer and employee thus: “refusing to work and refusing to pay” syndrome will be made to rest…”
  • “…negative indicators confronting the region are the result of poverty, also taking its root from misplaced priority on marriages and child bearing”
  • “Spreading the base of income through the envisaged sponsored income will help build cohesive and harmonious relationship, and this will help attract investors…”
  • “The tendency to “widely supply fish” should give way to “teaching how to fish”, and so the sponsored basic income should be a means to abject poverty reduction and not merely an end in itself as poverty reduction model.”
Please take the time to read the complete essay below:


To Issahaku Ummul Kusum, the GiveDirect family says, “Awww Yeah!”  Excellent points and a well constructed position.  Thanks for educating us all, loved the read! Enjoy the shinny new laptop from our wonderful donors, keep advocating for UBI and cheers!  

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