Winning Essay 2 – Why fUnd Basic Income

As you may remember GiveDirect sponsored a nation wide essay competition in Ghana. Here are the details.  The essays have been scored, awards presented and now it’s time to ‘share’ what some people in Ghana think about Basic Income.  Please have a read and ‘share’ this post as well.

About the Author:
  • Name: Abdul-Rahaman Fatawu
  • Title: Grassroots Organization for Livelihoods Development, Field Officer
  • Lives in: Kumbungu, Ghana
Essay Topic:
  • Why the Government of Ghana should fund Universal Basic income (UBI).
  • Universal Basic Income is defined simply by Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) as “basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.”
Quotes / Comments from the author on this winning essay:
  • It is estimated that 60% of the youth in particular are unemployed in Ghana and majority of those employed are in the informal sector…”
  • the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution of Ghana which has clearly dedicated a full chapter (1992 Constitution, Chapter Five) to the fundamental human rights of people which includes among others economic rights in which basic income sponsorship or support is embedded.”
  • Bribery and corruption are now prevalent… (this) stems from the fact that people do not have what they can rely on to earn good living…”
  • “basic income would be made very easy now that technology is very supportive in the payment of services rendered by people.”
  • if government sponsors basic income to end extreme poverty in Ghana it would be a telling example of a government that is living up to the expectations of the citizens.”
Please take the time to read the complete essay below:


To Abdul-Rahaman Fatawu, the GiveDirect family says, “You nailed it!”  Great work and congratulations on a well written paper with sharp points.  Enjoy the bright shinny new laptop from our wonderful donors, keep advocating for UBI and cheers!  

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