BI Hurdles in Tamale Ghana, Oct. 2018

TC-Champ: Thanks @joezippy Mutala, Ben and Governor have gone to the communities with Fiat for our women. My car broke down on my way to Tamale over the night so I couldn’t catch up on time. I had to push fiat to Mutala to go give the women. I will be in Tamale by evening to take part in the essay awards. Because I am not able to go to the villages, they are not going to be able to scan the wristbands but I will go back to the village with Mutala to scan them since I need to get the tokens to exchange for the fiat to replace my bank. If Ben is still around tomorrow, he will capture it. Once against thanks to @Mutalapetrol for leading this today……

TC-Admin: @Cryptolib sorry to hear about your car… Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see the videos from @Benalagyira with the Governor’s and Mutala’s aid! @Mutalapetrol thanks for backing up Salam we really appreciate you around here. Cheers! #go_team_ghana

dael4: Wow guys you’re making the hurdles!

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