358 Days, Our Platform Launch and Sustainability…

As we welcome in the next phase of our projects sustainability… I would like to share some key accomplishments the GiveDirect Project has made over the last 358 days since founding.

One month after registering our first domain name (the moment of conception for all endeavors) we distributed our first Basic Income payment on a phone (that we bought, staged and trained) to our female head of households in villages around Tamale, Ghana.  The payment was weekly on the Dash blockchain. The next month we added 17 more households making our charitable giving reach about 240 people living in extreme poverty.

Over the next months we learned, listened and plotted a new solution that would allow us to reduce hardware expenses, eliminate data expenses, accept donations for several digital currencies, break through language barriers, eliminate the need for households to have electricity, distribute 100’s of escrow payments in seconds, implement multi-signature escrow accounts to hold funds safely until distributions were ready and remove the need for all passwords; while increasing the overall transparency and security of remitting funds to some of the more remote places on the planet.

With a huge lift the GiveDirect Platform was born on the Stellar blockchain and after 3 months of simple, elegant remittance from a dedicated, growing team of like minded individuals; we only look forward after donating over 70K in USD to those locked in poverty. Our Trusted Community Champion on the ground says those 240 people are now living in what he calls “high poverty”.

Growing businesses and purchasing the basic need items like food and medicine that they desperately needed before the GiveDirect Project showed up at their door…. As they educate their children and we send the 3 remaining monthly basic income payments, to this I say… We did it, but there is more to do.

Just over one year ago, I was approached by 2 angel donors to build the GiveDirect Project; because of sustainability it morphed into the current GiveDirect Platform.  Those angels and all the donations we have received over the year made us viable, we now have proof of what works. We now know how to solve the problem.

Today we launch the solution, the sale of our GiveDirect Platform as a Service, a turn-key hosted solution which will determine if we are sustainable and can endure to accomplish the mission we’re chartered with to “Build the best blockchain direct giving solution to end global extreme poverty”.

Our GiveDirect Platform as a Service details can be found at http://platform.givedirect.io and in the menu on our website at http://givedirect.io.  Have a look around you and read the use cases we have identified… Get your thinking-caps on, from school lunch cafeterias to government sponsored outreach remittance let’s build some cool shit together for both for-profit or non-profit motives… By doing so, we’ll end extreme poverty once and for all!

Please like and share to end global extreme poverty.

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Colussi

Found / Active CEO / Donor

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