Project encouragement from the government of Ghana…


I met with the Vice President of Ghana yesterday at his house as I decided to pay him a visit to let him know what we were doing in the Northern region, a region he equally belong. He was so excited about our work and encouraged that we keep it up.

He said “Government alone cannot fight poverty, it takes selfless people like you and your team to fight it and fight it efficiently and I am proud of you that as young as u are, you are showing love and care to people leaving as low as 0.50 cent a day. Ghana is proud of you and your team.

My advice is; don’t forget of your education whiles you are doing this, this country value certificates and intellectuals, work hard and set a target to get your PhD by time you are 30 years”.

He told me to about the Ghana statistical service report which shows that 24% of Ghanaians are poor living below 1 USD a day and about 18% considered extremely poor living below 0.50 cent, saying that there’s still more to be done and that our team should continue with our good work and when possible we should try to collaborate with other nonprofits (charity organizations) in the country so together we can fight this poverty as it means that about quarter of Ghanaians are poor…

Signed your Trusted Community Champ!

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