GiveDirect Basic Income Distribution: Northern Ghana, Sept. 2018

TC-Champ – Salam (aka Cryptolib) said, “On our way visiting our women (GiveDirect) along the roads, we nearly lost a team mates motorbike. It was terrible.”

TC-Admin – Kevin (aka Joezippy) said, “Honorable dedication to serving others in need… Much love… ♥♥♥”

TC-Admin – Kevin (aka Joezippy) said, “Ben the video looks great! I love the coverage of the susu, surroundings and location tags in the upper right corner to help better ID where the footage was take in… Please cover the GiveDirect wallets being scanned a bit more in the future, so others who want to use the GiveDirect Platform can always see it in actions… Great work! @Cryptolib please explain for our donors how the “mobile money transfer” took place because of the road flooding, as you were not able to scan the GiveDirect Wallets to retrieve the XLM tokens that were remitted… Great work GD-Team Ghana!”

TC-Champ – Salam (aka Cryptolib) said, “Between Kumbungu and Nyankpala, me and my team have to make a return not being able to reach Nyankpala due to flooded roads cause by heavy rains. I reached out to our beneficiaries of phone call explaining the situation to them but since we were set off to make exchange for all of them that day, our beneficiaries at Nyankpala was anxiously waiting for their XLM to be exchanged so they can have fiat to spent, we reached a conclusion and mobile money was sent to them in equivalent of their XLM. I will take the XLM from their wallets in our next meeting.”

TC-Admin – Kevin (aka Joezippy) said, “Great job and I’m glad you were able to make the distribution work and will simply get the funds next time around… Thanks again for not only being a leader, but our Trusted Community Champion on the ground in Ghana! Mutala, Ben and Governor thanks for all your effort as well… We couldn’t do this without you and for that we are all extremely grateful… #unstoppable #GD-TeamGhana!”

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