GiveDirect Basic Income Distribution: Northern Ghana, August 2018

TC-Champ – Salam (aka Cryptolib) said, “it was fun, lovely and warm emotional visit. I never had the opportunity to admire the country side ride the way I did last week. I felt touched how far we could go and yes we will go deeper and deeper into the hinterlands for our mission is outstanding and is what the world need the most”

TC-Admin – Kevin (aka Joezippy) said, ” I love the way the new video is done… It’s perfect… I like seeing the GiveDirect Platform in action with the wristbands being scanned and the money exchanging hands…. Being counted carefully and respectfully… Discussion of the susu… I also love the simplicity of the video with the motor bike footage and country side… You see helping those in need is not about us, but about our humility when helping those in need…. It’s just about capturing the gift from our donors and the impact of our works from time to time… Absolutely love all the compassionate work being done on the ground!!! Can’t wait to share it with the community here… This GiveDirect family is truly changing the world and I appreciate everyone here who helps out… Big or small… Namaste (“I bow to the divine in you”).


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