A Little Help Goes A Long Way…

I’ve been involved with the GiveDirect project since the administration of our first surveys. I’ve been a believer in the good we are bringing to the world. I’m, honestly, shocked by the short amount of time in which our beneficiaries have built solid financial foundations on which to stand.

We are entering our 10th month of Basic Income delivery in Northern Ghana. TC-Champion, Salam Mahamadu has spent these months educating and monitoring each households progress during this period, and all reports indicate that our beneficiaries have made the most of their added income.

Mr Mahamadu reports,

“I can’t think of any of our women (leads of the households) who is not engaged in any sort of income generation activity with our support as we speak now, those who are not, are either farming seasonally now or have other things going on like I stated some with their husbands have moved into the city and in as much as I do not want to go into their family lives, it is obvious that for one to move into the city, the person’s life is better off now.”

Keeping with our stated mission to end Global Extreme Poverty, our administration team has determined that we will adjust our basic income support from a two year commitment to a period of 6-18 months of Basic income delivery per giving phase.

One of the key factors in this decision is the GiveDirect Platform and our integration of the GiveDirect Wallet. Because our platform can hold and deliver funds, transparently, without language barriers, and without the need for internet banking, we can now bring help to the most rural regions of Ghana.

Moving forward, we wish to give our first year of support for the phase 1 & 2 households, and then bring help to another 17 households each fiscal quarter. Perhaps even more, with the support of generous crypto donors who learn of the good we are doing.

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