Interstellar Wallet Brings Security and Ease to GiveDirect

    GiveDirect, established in October of 2017, has given a regular Basic Income to 34 households over the last 6 months. While we do this, we are quietly making monumental steps to improve our methods to build the best blockchain direct giving solution to end global extreme poverty.  In our brief history documented on our youtube channel, we have been blessed with some of the most selfless volunteers from around the globe. Recently, our philanthropic family has been given the gift of an increase in dedicated and extremely bright minds. We are grateful for the next generation of distributed ledger makers who are illuminating our path to increased scalability, security and transparency.

    Since migrating to the Stellar Blockchain, we have been able to streamline our basic income delivery process using the Interstellar Wallet/Exchange app. Through GiveDirect trusted Stellar anchors like we now accept XLM, BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP; the Stellar platform’s Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) allows easy, in wallet, conversions from many alt-coins to our project reserve currency of XLM which is native to the Stellar platform. These 5 accepted coins are just the beginning as we hope to add more, as they become supported by our trusted anchor(s).   

   Our first announcement as GiveDirect, is a message of commendation to the folks at Fintech Ltd., the developers of the Interstellar Wallet/Exchange and CryptoAnchor apps. They’ve made a major contribution to the future of charitable giving! Previously, moving digital funds from GiveDirect Paywall escrow accounts to people in need was a rather cumbersome process, requiring the manual entry of each household’s address. Fritz Ekwoge, the CTO of Fintech Ltd and and his team have given us the ability to move donations from one trusted multi-sig wallet to 34 addresses in one simple transaction.  This next generation wallet also allows us to securely manage our own escrow by requiring 3 of 6 Multi-sig approval, from trusted admin, needed to release donated funds to our paywalls. As our mission grows beyond our 1st two phases of inclusion, the world’s attentive eyes watch the next paradigm in technology.  We thankfully recognize this first of its kind contribution to our mission as we continue to choose the best solutions to bring hope and financial freedom to those in need.

Now that you know details on the donation side, come back soon for details on how we are replacing phone expenses, language barriers, data connection issues and more within our new household remittance process!

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