Thoughts on the New Equality

Dear Crypto Community…

Now is the time to drop a note to our DashDirect family, friends, and supporters…

We are all surfing on this crazy wave of new technology. We all, in our own way, see how Satoshi and his cohorts sparked a global revolution. As Buddha and Jesus sparked thousands of sects of belief, as Einstein and Hawking ignited many theories about the nature of reality, so has Satoshi brought about new ways to approach the understanding of our existence…

My entrance into this new epoch has opened my mind to the possibility of a better reality for all….oh jeez, is distributed ledger the new religion? Well, belief is a personal choice, and I encourage all to make choices the are win, win, win choices.

  1. Win for yourself. Whatever that may mean. It’s a struggle that all of humanity shares.
  2. Win for the person opposite of you…What? How do you win if your opposite is also winning?
  3. Two winners? No losers?
    A remote( perhaps, yet to enter your thought process,) party also wins? WTF?!?!…(I’m confident that our current supporters have already traveled this path…)

My work at DashDirect is helping me to learn what Win/Win/Win means. In our new paradigm, wealth comes from contribution to a better global society. Whatever your skills may be, you are valuable, and this is the new religion that we all embrace.

Of course we all desire more “purchasing power”…

The devout of the New Religion understand that humans have a value as contributers to other society..

I write, today, to show gratitude and support for all those that believe in  a future where humans are valued for their work,  rather than their debt.

Perhaps this message resonates somewhere inside of you…

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!


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