DashDirect on the Road

This week, our team is taking a break from our weekly meeting videos, to take our viewers along with our ground team as they prepare for our upcoming phase 3 launch. There will be a slight delay from our normal posting schedule as TC-Trusted Champion Abdul Salam Muhamadu, and tireless volunteer Governor Rauf spend some time in the village of Adubiliyili.

The DashDirect project’s initial focus is on villages within 25 km of the DashDirect hub in Tamale, Ghana. The small farming village of Adubiliyili is situated 14 km SW of our Ghanan operations base. This week the Ghana team will administer another (34) surveys to the poorest families in the community. From these households, 17 will be carefully selected to gain the tools needed to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

Our surveys gather information on household, size, age range, diet, spending, transportation, and overall happiness. After review by our trusted administration, 17 households will be selected to join our weekly distribution and educational meet-ups in the central city of Tamale.

The phase 3 households will join our current beneficiaries in the 2nd quarter of the year, and will bring our total to 51 participants. This means upwards of 360 lives touched by the generosity of our forward thinking donors.

If you wish to be part of this world changing project, please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel for more info on how you can make a difference with DashDirect. Share this post to spread the love!


By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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