Meet the Team: Joezippy (Kevin Colussi)

The DashDirect project is a direct giving basic income initiative. We are set up this way because administrative costs are an outdated construct that cut into charitable giving. We believe that basic income is a right that every human has and that donations should not be caught up and siphoned off to pay administrative costs that may or may not benefit the cause. The DashDirect team is a group of dedicated volunteers who share this idea.

Please take a minute to get to know our team, and how each of us is working to make the DashDirect vision possible. Our team gives their time freely, and we are appreciative of any tips to support our work. Thank you!

DD: What is your role in DashDirect?

Joezippy: I’m not really sure how to answer this… I have worn many, maybe all the hats possible, at one time or another… At the end of the day I’m just another person trying to make the world a better place by ending extreme poverty.

DD: What’s your favorite Film?

Joezippy: I’m not a movie guy at all, I just go to the movies to be with family… Entertaining, sometimes… But I’d rather be making a difference serving others.

DD: How did you learn about DashDirect and when did you start working with the project?

Joezippy: As a Software Engineer and a person dedicated to serving others, I like to use my skills to solve what I call BFPs or Big Fucking Problems… With a crypto 1.0 background, the blockchain seemed to be the next logical step for me to play… When I found Dash in 2014 the community, skills and DAO structure was like no other… Still is… I got hooked, trolled a while following developments as life happened… Then after working on other BFPs like climate, local economies, local agriculture, houselessness… I decided crypto could solve extreme poverty, because of transparency, direct giving capabilities and low fee micro donations… So I started DashDirect and one month after registering the domain name…. We started distributing Basic Income in Ghana to about 119 people… We formed a killer team of skilled, passionate folks who care about the cause and each other and I personally couldn’t be more proud of the progress we have made… Lot of work still to do, but we’ll put this BFP to rest… Things are really lining up for us… The Dash Nation sees the work we do in our videos and I’m grateful for all their contributions. I call this the trifecta age… The age of transparency with blockchain technology, basic income and the redistribution of wealth through digital currency… I guess, I’m a bit like robin-hood, just zippy’er!

DD: What’s your favorite color?

Joezippy: I know some will think it’s lame, but I don’t discriminate against colors… To me they are just part of the spectrum of light… I like them all!

DD: What might you be doing when you’re not saving the world with DashDirect?

Joezippy: I like kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, playing with the pups, camping, canoeing, meditation, yoga, downhill skiing, traveling and most of all just spending time w/ the wife and fam.  Without their support of my crazy ideas, DashDirect simply wouldn’t exist.

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Joezippy wishes any tips be given to the Paywall of your choice. Thank you!

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