DashDirect Phase 2 is Set to Touch 120 More Lives

DashDirect is proud to announce the launch of Phase 2!

We will be providing 17 more households with basic income thanks to your generous donations. That’s another 120 people whose lives will be changed, in addition to the more than 120 people affected in Phase 1.

Abdul Salam Mahamadu (@cryptolib) will work with Abdul Governor Rauf (@dashgovernor) in assisting these new households with their smartphones, Dash wallets, and making transactions.

First, the households will process 10 micro transactions so they can learn to confidently use their wallets and learn the importance of keeping their recovery phrase secure and privately located offline.

Along with the rollout of Phase 2, DashDirect is working with Green Candle to make donating easier! They’ve offered us their services pro bono, and their help will greatly reduce the amount of work our volunteers need to do.

They’ll maintain an escrow account for us, which will eliminate the need to provide individual addresses on the Basic Income Paywall and allow Dash philanthropists to donate any amount they choose to a single address for distribution to households in need.

Green Candle holds funds securely for us, and for monitoring purposes only one transaction (in and out of the escrow account) will need to be looked at, instead of 17, 34, or more as we expand!

We are hopeful that each participant will be re-submitting the initial ten question survey throughout the 104-week period, helping track the difference that Dash is making in their life. Phase 2 would not have been possible without your very generous donations. With your help, DashDirect is changing lives!

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By: Elaina Colussi
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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