Basic Needs Market

As DashDirect evolves, we are continuing to listen to the wishes of our Basic Income Households. With the move to our new space in Tamale, we now have room to provide our recipients with an easy place to spend their Dash on basic needs items.
Volunteer Governor Rauf (@Dashgovernor) reports that our households wish to purchase the following items at their weekly meetings:
1. Rice
2. Beans
3. Corn flour
4. Tea and Milk
5. Tin tomato and sardine
6. Vegetables
7. Gari(cassava end product)
8. Groundnuts paste
9. Ointment for their joints
10. Yam
11. clothing
Other items may include sewing kits, portable water filters, and seeds.
Governor and Mutala are working now to set the DashDirect market, and we will see their progress in upcoming videos.

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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