Community Meeting: January 6th, 2018

Basic Income Delivery:

  • A card based NFC solution would eliminate the need for smartphones
  • Eliminates risk of holding currency for sale at a higher price.
  • General Bytes and BitPlus are two options. We will request proposals from each

Ghana Storefront:

  • New location in a more visible area on the main road through Tamale
  • Close to merchant currently accepting Dash
  • New location funded privately by Cryptolib with intent to be a hub for DashDirect branding and Dash education
  • Plans for merchant education meetings for Dash POS training
  • Cryptolib to open communications with KuvaCash in regards to a Ghana based exchange

Phase 2 Launch:

  • Surveys delivered and ready for household selection
  • 17 phones purchased and staged with Dash wallets
  • Phase 1 Paywall Gen4 writing and testing in progress
  • Phase 2 households will operate under possible escrow service
  • Joezippy to open communications with GreenCandle regarding escrow.
  • End goal for two delivery methods is indentifying best ease of use for donors. One payment address that distributes funds to all wallets in need.

Front End Team:

  • Connect video producer Benjamin Alagyira directly to Daddy’s Home for video screening and publishing.
  • Target video length of 5 minutes
  • Target content of 1 testimonial and 1 wallet transaction per video
  • Welcome Benjamin to Discord
  • Front end team to continue developing social media reach through targeted tweets
  • Dael to work on LinkedIn publishing
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