A Message of Thanks to Ring in the New Year

On the final #ThursGiving of 2017, we wish to extend warm Thank You to all of our donors, our volunteers, and to those working to grow Dash as both the future of digital currency, and as a force that brings about a better global community.

2017 has been a historic year for the Dash Nation. With only a few days left in the year, Dash is closing in on $2,000 value and peaked at over 12 billion in market cap this month. Numerous projects have signed on to grow the Dash economy, from a traveling circus, a game site to give Dash to new users, and the addition of Uphold to our exchange list. The projects that promote Dash are growing at a mind boggling pace. All this is sure to bring an exciting 2018!

DashDirect launched in the 4th quarter of this year, and already we’ve touched more than 120 lives with basic income donated by individuals like yourselves. This is only the beginning. We’ve been given funds to touch another 120 lives next month, and our project aims to empower another 17 households every fiscal quarter for the foreseeable future. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the forward thinking shown by everyone participating in the DashDirect Basic Income Project.

Stay Dashy and share the love through our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

Happy New Year Dash! GO#dashdirect

By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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