DashDirect Brings Freedom to Savelugu Households

The DashDirect project’s fourth weekly meeting occurred on December 16th, 2017. Volunteer Governor Rauf reports:

At the meeting, the atmosphere was full of joy and happinesses. Governor Rauf (@Dashgovernor) commenced by making emphasis on the need for the women to really try and understand the Dash wallet application. He also stated that the women ought to keep their phones well to prevent the loss of any phone. The slogan, DashDirect Tisonda (our savior), was unanimously said three times to enhance the spirit and bring their minds into focus for the training.

The women started giving testimonies of how DashDirect is impacting their households and work. A woman named Mama Azara tearfully stated that she used Dashdirect funds to secure medicine for her husband, who has been sick for 4 years. Another part of the funds were used to procure food stuffs for their household in order to keep the house together and free from hunger. She said that her sick husband prayed for the entire DashDirect team for assisting them in putting smiles on their faces.

Another woman named Mama Sanatu said thanks to the Dashdirect team for changing her life from a debtor to a free business woman. She highlighted how Dashdirect is positively impacting her by allowing her business as dressmaker to expand. Initially, she used materials bought on credit to make dresses. Her challenge was that she could not to meet the demand of her customers since her supply was limited by debt. DashDirect has come to cure that headache since she can now buy material with her own money and be able to meet the demand of her customers.

Salam Mahamadu (@cryptolib) then gave a lecture on financial management to the entire group and emphasised that Dashdirect is there for them so they need to learn the Dash wallet application. He also stressed the importance of keeping their passwords and phones safe from any other people.

The Ghana team bought them a Malta guineas each plus voltic water to quench their thirst from sitting through the meeting. Salam closed, telling them that “the best memory of a human is how he or she affects another’s life positively.” He then led the whole gathering in singing our slogan:
Tisonda! (Our savior)
Mutala helped in the closing prayers and everything ended successfully.

Dash Nation is proving weekly what a great organization it is for positive change in the world. We thank our many donors, and volunteers who make DashDirect possible! Share the love on Facebook and Twitter!  If you wish to give to someone in need, visit our website. If you would like to tip our volunteers please visit our team page.

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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