Meet the Team: Governor Rauf, Ghana Ground Team

The DashDirect project is a direct giving basic income project. We are set up this way because administrative costs are an outdated construct that cuts into charitable giving. We believe that basic income is a right that every human has and we believe that donations should not be caught up and siphoned off to pay administrative costs that may or may not benefit the cause. The DashDirect team is a group of dedicated volunteers who share this idea.
Please take a minute to get to know our team, and how each of us is working to make the DashDirect vision possible. Our team gives their time freely, and we are appreciative of any tips to support our work. Thank you!

DD: What is your role in DashDirect?

Governor Rauf: My role is to help DD realize its objective to end extreme poverty.

DD: What’s your favorite Film?

Governor Rauf: XOXO. It is a series movie where young graduates develop an online marketing portal to help market the products of companies.

DD: How did you learn about DashDirect and when did you start working with the project?

Governor Rauf: I am a social change maker in my community and I saw this initiative as a means to ending extreme poverty and to bring back hope and prosperity to our homes (deprived homes). I started working with DashDirect in November 2017.

DD: What’s your favorite color?

Governor Rauf: Blue and White

DD: What might you be doing when you’re not saving the world with DashDirect?

Governor Rauf: I will be championing the campaign for equity and justice when it comes to distribution of resources. I will be advocating for freedom and individual liberty.


By: Governor Rauf
I’m a volunteer who accepts XLM tips, thank you!


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