Households Find Freedom to Help Themselves

Three weeks after the DashDirect Basic Income launch in Ghana, recipients are realizing that they have been given the means to escape the confinement of extreme poverty.  Following the December 9th meet-up, DashDirect volunteer Governor Rauf reported:

“On Saturday the DashDirect crew gathered at the front of Replica business centre to welcome the women from Savelugu (the first village to benefit from this project).The women arrived safely at exactly 8:30am and were excited to see DashDirect staff. The meeting began with a prayer from one of our mothers and the program commenced with an introduction from @DashGovernor Rauf. The training started when Governor took the women through the usual training, showing them how to make transactions with the application on their phones. It took some time with the training, and many questions were asked, especially about requesting and sending coins.


Furthermore, the DashDirect team took the women through financial management education and later interviewed the women on how they think they will use DashDirect assistance. The women were very specific that the assistance from DashDirect is something that has come to save their lives and bring back hope into their homes – improvement of living conditions. The women, through the initiative of the DashDirect team, came out with a slogan to show the spirit of the weekly meetings: DashDirect! DashDirect! DashDirect!

After that, it was time to get the women their fiat in exchange for Dash and cryptolib and Mutala performed that duty by converting 200 cedis in cash for Dash. We ended the meeting with a prayer from one of our moms who prayed for the whole team for bringing hope back into their homes and lives.

It was so joyful and lovely working with the women who are so committed and focused on learning what you are teaching them. The women were overwhelmed and so happy with DashDirect for helping them positively.”

After 3 weeks of meetings, we are seeing  these households begin to plan their own economic growth. Before the distribution of Dash began, the largest source of income for most households was self employment inside the home. Their average earnings per week totaled $6 USD, and that was used to support, on average, six people. Most of their money is spent on clothing, education and shelter. Their diets mainly consist of corn, grains and rice. Despite these conditions, our surveys showed that all of these households maintained a hopeful outlook before being selected to participate in DashDirect. Now households are realizing their hopes have a real future. This week the women received their first Dash to fiat conversion. One woman testified, in our most recent video, that she will use her funds to cut out the middleman in her small trade business. Now she has freedom to lift herself out of poverty by eliminating high interest credit. She is free to grow her business through the profits of her own labor.

This is only one example of the changes your DashDirect donations are bringing to Northern Ghana.
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