The Tamale Trio of DashDirect

This week TC Trusted Champ Abdul Salam Mahamadu and companion Mutala have enlisted the help of Abdul Governor Rauf. Mutala is a youth activist for positive change from Kumbanga, the community from which the first 17 households were selected. Governor is a native to Kumbungu, where he assisted in the delivery of phase 2 surveys. He joined the Dash Nation this week as @Dashgovernor, and was warmly welcomed to our team.

L-R Salam, Governor, Mutala

This past week, the Tamale Trio has had quite a few irons in the fire. The hottest iron is teaching Ghana’s newest Dash users how it’s done. Last Saturday’s session focused on everyone’s first Dash transactions. Each household paid $5 to TC Salam in order to secure transportation to future weekly meetings. While everyone was learning the basics of their first Dash wallet, it came to light that many of the women needed to exchange their Dash for the local fiat cedi. Salam personally facilitated some liquidity by taking Dash payments and will deliver the cedi at the December 9th gathering.

Another iron the trio has in the fire, is helping vendors set up paper wallets. Every Saturday, the DashDirect households will have access to a growing variety of businesses where they can choose to spend their Dash without the need for fiat exchange.

All this activity is creating a certain buzz around Northern Ghana. On Thursday, Mr. Mahamadu was interviewed by Simli Radio, a community focused local station that reaches a potential 280,000 listeners in their programming area.

The women of the Savelugu community have opened a discussion about how they may visually highlight their participation in the DashDirect project. Because their funds have been given directly to them, they can choose whether they will purchase Dash T-shirts to wear each week, or devise a special Dash logo, pin, or sash that can be added to their own clothing. Whatever they decide, the Saturday market in Tamale will take notice of this beautiful group of women shopping for their weekly goods.

TC Champ Salam Mahamadu and partner Governor Rauf also spent two days traveling to villages outside Tamale. The dynamic DashDirect duo have delivered another 30 surveys to identify the next 17 households to receive a Dash basic income. As the 4th quarter comes to a close, DashDirect is preparing to launch phase two of our direct giving project in Northern Ghana. As you visit our Big Dashy Donor page, please pay special attention to our phone Paywall, as meeting these needs is an important next step toward sustaining the growth of DashDirect as a caring extension of the Dash Nation.

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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