Community Meeting:  December 2nd, 2017


  • KPI’s below include verbal commitments from well known Dash Community members, to cover donation lulls and enable future growth projections (one Phase = one Fiscal Quarter)
  • KPI – 1:  People Impact vs Growth Rate (Live)
  • KPI – 2: Dash Needed vs Growth Rate (Live)
  • At this time the CEO (Kevin) is solely responsible for the project’s sustainability and future growth.

Front End:

  • Blog topic “Talk Tuesday”: DashDirect stories & Team Highlights
  • Blog topic “#ThursGiving”: Video Release
  • Blog topic “Saturday”: Storefront Updates, On-location News, Monthly Theme, Basic Income
  • Dael4 has taken on publishing (WordPress, FB, Twitter, Discord, etc) responsibility to ensure cohesive format and maximum effect for search engine indexing
  • Salam will deliver weekly storefront movies on Monday’s
  • Adding website menu addition for team member profiles


  • Built automatic Dash price adjusting (based on ratios and initial paywall setup amounts), into all paywalls to decrease administrative overhead
  • BI Paywall Dash price updates will happen on Sunday (same day payment count is incremented)
  • Non-BI paywall price adjustments happen each time the paywall is loaded
  • Enhanced reporting and accounting spreadsheet integration for greater transparency and accountability
  • Deployed V1 of Basic Income Cannon (BIC) to ease large donor friction
  • Modified backend systems to better integrate with the “Big Dashy Donor” page again, to ease large donor friction


  • Saturday December 12th meetup – Each household paid $5 usd in Dash to TC-Champ (Salam) in order to secure transport for the future meet-ups
  • Household women requested Dash t-shirts to separate them from others in the village. Discussed dash branding in clothing vs keeping cultural beauty.  Scarfs were suggested as an alternative to t-shirts.
  • TC-Champ assisting in getting paper wallets for nearby businesses. This would allow them to accept Dash from households, then exchange with the TC-Champ for Fiat. TC-Champ already working with bakery and general merchandise storefronts near the DashDirect storefront.
  • TC Champ will be traveling to households to give one-on-one training to current households receiving BI.
  • Many requests for country wide and international broadcasts from media outlets in Ghana about DashDirect; managing expectations and serving household #1 priority
  • 12/07 DashDirect interview with Simli Radio, a community based station that focuses on the well being of local listeners. (“There are a total of 376 communities in the programming area with a total population of 280,000”)
  • TC-Champ to continue working with new communities, Kumbungu being one of two “next” community we will reach out too. He will teach assembly men and community members some advantage of Dash, before doing intake surveys on 30 households. We are targeting 17 additional households as soon as phone donations are collected from the paywall.


  • Salam will bring backup TC-Champ (Abdul Governor Rauf) to Discord as part of the DD Core Team
  • Dael4 Suggested next meet should occur at #DD Core Team in Discord. (This will allow text for those w/ communication issues)  However, the idea of this monthly meeting is to cast a greater net, for future donors to listen in on if they so desire. Two meetings might be needed.
  • New position available: YouTube publishing and video manager (contact @daddy’s home in Dash Nation #dash-direct or DM if interested)
  • Meeting with Dash CEO Ryan Taylor on 12/15 in Phoenix to discuss DashDirect.
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