DashDirect: A Very Successful Note on Sustained Giving

DashDirect’s first two weeks have been a great success! Our Phase 1 (Q4 -2017) paywalls for WiFi to make Dash transactions; video production; birth control; and 17 smartphones have all been met. Thank you!  

One donor even gave 1 year’s worth of Basic Income to 1 wallet in need. While this is great, it creates a budgeting challenge for this recipient, as they will not receive a weekly payment for many months now. DashDirect is designed to be a sustained giving project, so that each household receives about $40 usd worth of Dash each week. When you choose to give to the basic income Paywall, please give only the amount needed to “top off” the address displayed. If you feel like giving more, simply refresh the page, and a new address will be displayed with the exact amount needed to sustain that household for one more week. You can repeat this process as many times as you choose.  If you want to see addresses in “bulk” from the same paywalls, head over to our Big Dashy Donor Page.

Moving forward, our team is designing a mechanism called the Basic Income Cannon (BIC). Once the BIC has been engineered and tested, donating will be even easier. The BIC will accept an amount and automatically distribute that amount to paywall addresses of those in need. Until this is in place, please take the time to share your Dash throughout all 17 households selected for the first phases of the #DashDirect #BasicIncome project. Thank you again, and #StayDashy!

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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