Dash Direct Launches Education and Sustained Growth

On Saturday November 25th, 17 households selected through grassroots research conducted by the #DashDirect team were gathered for the launch of the #Dash Direct basic income project. The launch took place at the Choggu roundabout, opposite Assembly of God Church where the households were educated on why they will be receiving Basic income.

Trusted Champion Abdul Salam Mahamadu’s opening statement:
“[From the] survey conducted about a month ago, our results indicate that you, the 17 women here representing your entire households, qualify for Dash Direct basic income to a tune of about 500 cedi [$40 usd] a month. The Dash Direct team are not saying you are the poorest in your communities, but our aim of fighting Global extreme poverty does cover you. The basic income is not for you to keep to yourself alone, but for the wellbeing of your entire households. You may chose to do whatever you like with it however, we shall have a supervisory role on how you (the beneficiaries) use these funds. I encourage you all to appreciate that this is a privilege and not a right, therefore the DashDirect team reserves the right to continue or discontinue the project at any time. It is our hope that [no discontinuations need to occur].”

The assembly man of the Savelugu, #Ghana area, Issahaku Iddirisu, who accompanied these women to the city also gave a word of advice on the need for the households to make good use of the donations for an improved living standard.

The women were taken through basic knowledge of Dash, with hands on wallet guidance. They were taught how to send and request coins, and how to restore their wallets. This was not without challenge as almost all of these women are illiterate however, they were able to pick up some procedures. All felt that with regular trials and tutoring, they will “be perfect with Dash transactions.” The project launch was climaxed when everyone confirmed a receipt of their first direct donation of $40 in their respective wallets.

The event ended with a discussion on the possibility of weekly regular meetings of the households in the city, since transportation is a challenge. They lamented that the cause of their latenesses to the occasion was a result of transport. The event was scheduled at 3:00pm but started at 4:00pm. The assembly man added, “it was not easy to organize a bus to transport these women to the event and [requested that the] DashDirect team might strategize in anyway to make operations more effective, they will very much appreciate [it].”

Finally, the women were introduced to a food vendor at the store front who will accept their Dash in exchange for food during our meetings. The event successfully came to an end.

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