Letter of hope that starts with a poem…

Poem: A Candle

With every spark, we see great light.
A single spark beckons the light that burns so bright.

The candle of humanity, hope and humility stands straight… for one and all.
Just waiting to get the call.

Humanity, raw!  those with and those without…  harsh, loving, painful and compassionate too.
With habitual truthfulness, the candle waits.

Hopelessness and hopefulness live amongst us, as you surely know.
With chronic inaction, the candle waits.

Tongue moist… with arrogance and humility, you practice it right now.
With repeated grace, the candle waits.

Author (Dash Direct Founder)

Today you are the spark and DashDirect is the match… Together through donations, technology and a lot of hard work, we light a candle for the people of Ghana, may it never waver.

With kindest regards and love in our hearts,
— The Unstoppable DashDirect Core Team

PS:  Videos are coming soon, stay tuned.

By: Kevin Colussi
I’m a volunteer who doesn’t accept Dash tips… Thank you!




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