Basic Income: A Global Inheritance

From a flat earth to a globe…from seafaring traders to jumbo jets…from handwritten letters to email…the human race’s instinct is growth, expansion, and improvement. Economics make this growth incredibly lopsided. While most of the world enjoys grocery stores, WiFi, and material things, 11% of the world lives in extreme poverty. The growing idea of a basic income for all ensures that all of humanity benefits from the improvements made by its forebearers. While a select few inherit a financial wealth from those that can before them, basic income ensures that every human inherits the wealth established by the whole race.


Basic income brings hope and freedom. With a basic income, parents can more easily afford to send their children to school, feed their families and even save money for emergencies like bad weather or sudden illness. Just take it from our TC Trusted Champ, Abdul Salam Mahamadu (@cryptolib):

From my community, it was believed that nobody can go to school due to finances; this has always influenced the thinking of children who wish to go to school. If they even start school they know that they can’t make it to the university because of poverty, so they end up not even passing their exams in high school… I challenged myself to change this situation for myself in the future, for my family and my kids so that they can also live well one day… I secured admission ……I am doing all I can to help my northern communities with whatever means possible to put smiles on a few faces, because I know what it is like to be in poverty.

With your help, we can provide basic income to impoverished families and better the lives of them, their children and future generations. Education is only one aspect that a basic income is shown to improve. Because your dash donations are given directly, households may choose to pay tuition, repair or expand homes, or simply keep their bellies full. Even when schooling is paid for, imagine trying to learn when you’re huddled in a single room with 4 other family members. Remember a time when you tried to grasp a lesson, but your thoughts were drowned out by nagging hunger.

Basic income secures a sense of safety and psychological well-being needed by all humans. Only when these foundations are laid, can a person become a building block to support a better world.

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By: Elaina Colussi
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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