Happy ThursGiving Dash Nation!

“What is ThursGiving?”
We at DashDirect hope that you’ll take every Thursday to promote Dash to the world in a special way… Giving a little bit to those who have very little.

“Why do I love ThursGiving?”
Think of ThursGiving as a habit, or a ritual. Every Thursday is a day to stop and be grateful for the gifts you’ve been given, and then pass a gift on to someone that you will probably never meet. It’s a way to show thanks by paying your blessings forward.

“Where is ThursGiving?”
ThursGiving happens at http://give.dashdirect.io. You simply click on the heart logo location you want to give to and choose a cause that you feel good about supporting. While today you only see a heart in northern Ghana, as the Dash Direct grows, you will see hearts across the globe that represent people living in extreme poverty.

“How do I participate in ThursGiving?”
Two actions make up this world changing idea. First: click the link above, and give any amount toward any Paywall that you choose. You can give .0001 to the max Dash for any address shown. If you’d like to give more, simply refresh the page and the next wallet that needs funding will appear.  Remember that this is a controlled long term giving project, so the ThursGiving practice eliminates poverty for the long term, while growing Dash around the globe. Second: Post to Facebook and Twitter with #thursGiving, http://give.dashdirect.io and a smiling picture to those you gave too… You see the world will be watching the impact of this unstoppable movement!

“When is ThursGiving?”
It’s every Thursday. Regardless of your background or beliefs, taking one day out of the week to give a bit of your own fortune to the less fortunate is a great way to contribute to humanity! We at DashDirect hope that as you check your wallet on Thursday, you will see the balance and think “I can afford to give some of this to someone with less than myself.”

You can help ThursGiving grow by spreading the word. Please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel for more info on how you can make a difference with DashDirect. Share this post to spread the . #go_dashdirect, #thursgiving

By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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