17 Wallets Ready To Trigger Change

TC Trusted Champ Abdul Salam Mahamadu (@cryptolib) continues to impress us with his dedicated work. The WiFi router is in place and he’s loaded 17 smartphones with secured Dash wallets, all paid for by caring Dash Nation members.

As we approach our target launch date, cryptolib will be delivering the smartphones and teaching security and how to transact using the Dash wallet, networking with local community leaders, as well as continuing to stock the Dash Direct storefront with basic needs items.

Meanwhile, TC Admin are hard at work posting recipients’ addresses onto the secure Dash Direct Paywall, so that your Dash donations can be delivered to households living in extreme poverty.

All in all, it’s a very big week of preparations for Dash Direct. All of this is made possible through the good will and great hearts here in the Dash nation!

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By: Zachariah Knapp
I’m a volunteer who accepts Dash tips, thank you!

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